Results of Delaware 2016 SREC Procurement Announced

Results of the Delaware 2016 SREC Procurement have been announced. Delmarva has exercised their discretion to purchase all SRECs below $100 in the combined N1, E1, and E2 tiers due to an under subscription of that tier. The remainder of the N1, E1, and E2 tier was filled with lower priced N3 bids. All other tiers were oversubscribed. Delmarva also exercised their option to purchase all SRECs priced below $95 from the oversubscribed tiers, purchasing an additional 2446 SRECs above the original 9000 SRECs, for a total of 11446 SRECs.

All bidders will be able to log on to the website and see the status of their bid in their online dashboard. In addition, all participants will receive an email detailing their results. All winning bidders will have until July 31st, 2016 to sign and return their transfer agreement, which will be accessible on their dashboard.