Frequently Asked Questions 3/22/2012

Can Tier 1 projects that recieved funding assistance throught the RGGI iniative apply for the pilot program?

Per section 4.3 of the Procurement filing “Tier 2-B and Tier 3 projects may only participate in the SREC Procurement Pilot Program if they do not receive any supplemental funding from a public source (other than grants in lieu of investment tax credits).   Tier 1 and Tier 2-A projects may accept such grants in lieu of investment tax credits as well as grants associated with the Delaware Green Energy Program (“GEP”).”  This would preclude a project that received any other funding, unless it came through via the GEP program.

The application form in the filing asks for an interconnection date.  Does this mean I need to have an interconnected system to participate in the Procurement?

Bidders have up to one year after successfully bidding in the solicitation to finish their project, so there is no need to have an interconnection complete prior to bidding.  This field will only be required on the online form for existing systems.