The 2010 amendments to REPSA established the Renewable Energy Taskforce (the “Taskforce”) to make “recommendations about the establishment of trading mechanisms and other structures to support the growth of renewable energy markets in Delaware.”[6] The Taskforce was directed to find ways to increase deployment of solar generation and enhance the market for SRECs. Its responsibilities include making recommendations about the following:

  • establishing a balanced market mechanism for REC and SREC trading;
  • establishing REC and SREC aggregation mechanisms and other devices to encourage the deployment of solar energy technologies in Delaware with the least impact on retail electricity suppliers, municipal electric companies and rural electric cooperatives;
  • minimizing the cost for complying with REPSA;
  • establishing revenue certainty for appropriate investment in solar renewable energy technologies, including consideration of long-term contracts and auction mechanisms;
  • establishing mechanisms to maximize in-state solar renewable energy generation and local manufacturing; and
  • ensuring that residential, commercial and utility scale photovoltaic and solar thermal systems of various sizes are financially viable and cost-effective instruments in Delaware.

The Taskforce appointed a special subcommittee to consider and make recommendations regarding the SREC procurement process. That subcommittee met on numerous occasions over several months and evaluated a variety of alternative approaches to SREC procurement in an effort to reach a consensus on a comprehensive program designed to meet the objectives set forth in REPSA with respect to the development of solar generation resources. Based on the subcommittee’s work, the Taskforce is recommending a statewide pilot program for the 2011 compliance year (the “SREC Procurement Pilot Program”) that it believes will encourage solar development in the State of Delaware while minimizing costs for owners, developers, aggregators, consumers and other participants in the SREC market in Delaware.

[6] Id. § 360(d). The Taskforce is comprised of 11 members representing a broad cross-section of entities interested in and concerned with the implementation of renewable energy policy in Delaware. The 2010 amendment to REPSA stipulates that the Taskforce be made up of: (a) four appointments by the Secretary of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, including one from the renewable energy research and development industry, one from the local renewable energy manufacturing industry and one from an environmental advocacy organization; (b) one appointment by the DPSC; (c) one appointment by Delmarva Power & Light Company (“Delmarva”); (d) one appointment by the Delaware Electric Cooperative; (e) one appointment by municipal electric companies; (f) one appointment by the SEU; (g) one appointment by the Delaware Public Advocate; and (h) one appointment by the Delaware Solar Energy Coalition. Id. § 360(d)(1).