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Results of Delaware 2016 SREC Procurement Announced

Results of the Delaware 2016 SREC Procurement have been announced. Delmarva has exercised their discretion to purchase all SRECs below $100 in the combined N1, E1, and E2 tiers due to an under subscription of that tier. The remainder of the N1, E1, and E2 tier was filled with lower priced N3 bids. All other tiers were oversubscribed. Delmarva also exercised their option to purchase all SRECs priced below $95 from the oversubscribed tiers, purchasing an additional 2446 SRECs above the original 9000 SRECs, for a total of 11446 SRECs.

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2016 Delaware Procurement Program Webinar Now Available

The full webinar that was given on May 25th by the SRECDelaware staff about the 2016 SREC Delaware Procurement is now available here. This webinar gives a program overview and walks the viewer through a sample application. If you were not able to view the webinar in real-time and have questions about the 2016 Procurement Program please give us a call at 302-495-9999 or send an email to

2016 Delaware SREC Solicitation

We have been receiving a number of questions on the 2016 Delaware SREC solicitation and wanted to provide the latest information we have available. The 2016 solicitation is currently pending approval by the Delaware Public Service Commission of Delmarva Power’s 2016 solicitation filing. The filing is anticipated to be voted on at the May 3rd, 2016 Public Service Commission Meeting. The agenda for that meeting can be found at the PSC’s web site.

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